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Welcome To The Family!

Hi, my name is Bill Poulos and I’d like to welcome you to the Profits Run family and also introduce you to the Unseen Opportunity newsletter, which you just joined.

In this newsletter, which is delivered via email and also published here, my team and I will be sharing our insights and analysis on what’s happening in the markets, and helping you prepare for “unseen opportunities”.

I first heard that phrase in 1976 at my University of Michigan commencement exercise, where the keynote speaker was former governor of Michigan, George Romney.

He said, “It is your responsibility to prepare for the unseen opportunity. Because when it comes, you’ll be ready. If you are not prepared, it will pass you by and you won’t even know it.”

That always left an impression on me, so I thought Unseen Opportunity was a great name for a newsletter. I hope you enjoy it!

About Profits Run

If you’ve never heard of me or my financial publishing company, Profits Run, before, then I’d like to give you a quick overview of who we are so you know exactly who you’re dealing with.

In 2001, I retired early from a 36-year career with General Motors. I was able to do that, in part, because I had been trading stocks and options as a serious “hobby” since 1974.

That same year, the company that my son, Greg, had worked for was closing down. Greg is a self-taught computer and programming expert and he was involved in the very early days of the World Wide Web.

One day at dinner, Greg suggested that he and I partner up and start a business to help regular people become smarter and better investors. So that’s what we did.

For the first few years we worked at home, but eventually we moved to an office. Today, two decades later, we’re in our third office and we have a full-time team of professional traders and support experts to help our customers have the potential to succeed in the markets.

So while we have a business to run, the main reason we started it is why we are still going at it even after all these years: To help regular people become smarter and better investors.

But it goes deeper than that, because really, it’s not about trading and investing. It’s about the freedom that can come when you have control of your financial destiny. Freedom to do what you want. Freedom to spend more time with your family. Freedom to travel the world or just to sit on your front porch and read a book.

We’re Here To Help You Succeed!

It’s important that you know that my team and I are here to help you succeed! We know that trading can be confusing if you’re a beginner and we know how important it is to get answers to any questions you might have.

So, we have several ways you can connect with us to get help:

Call our office at 248-733-4343, Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Eastern (New York) time.

If we aren’t available to answer your call live, please leave a message and someone will return your call.

Send us an email to Every time you send an email there a ticket will be created in our help desk system. That helps us keep track of your question.

When you send an email, you should receive an automatic reply letting you know that we did receive your email. If you don’t receive this automatic reply, it’s probably in your spam or junk folder, so please make sure you look there if you are expecting an email from us and can’t find it.

Next Steps

So where should you go from here? Well, that depends on your experience level.

In addition to our free Unseen Opportunity newsletter, we have investing programs that cover many different types of trading, and we also have 1-on-1 coaching available. Feel free to explore our website at to learn more.

Once again, welcome to the Profits Run family and thank you for putting your trust in us.