Billionaires Eye Bitcoin For Next Big Venture…

Last weekend, news broke that George Soros, one of the world’s most successful investors, intends to enter the cryptocurrency markets. The next day, descendants of famed billionaire John D. Rockefeller followed suit.

This could have absolutely massive implications for the future of cryptocurrency – both good and bad.

On one hand, we could see billions of dollars flooding into the market as the year progresses. On the other, we could see an artificial “centralization” of funds as financial firms begin to amass large quantities of crypto.

Either way, it’s discouraging to see two absolute financial titans eyeing cryptocurrency before the rest of the “little guys” (99% of the earth’s population) get on board. This could potentially skyrocket Bitcoin and some other top market-cap cryptos before outside investors are able to get in on the action.

Cryptocurrency was created with the intent to bring power back to the people, and away from financial institutions. Now the leaders of these institutions are starting to take notice.

George Soros – Master Manipulator

I won’t go into detail on George Soros or his deep-rooted political affiliations, but I will tell you why people call him “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”.

Back on September 16th, 1992 (known as Black Wednesday in Britain), speculators eviscerated the British Pound.

The pound was fighting high inflation, and in response, the Bank of England (British central bank) jacked up interest rates to attract currency investors.

Instead, speculators began to heavily short the currency, with George Soros shorting more than anyone else in the world.

The British government ended up pulling the pound from the European ERM (Exchange Rate Mechanism) in the face of shorting speculators, losing billions in the process.

Soros lapped up the Bank of England’s losses, and he ended up pocketing a cool $1 billion on the deal, cementing his reputation as the most successful currency speculator in the world.

Many people saw his actions as not just a bearish investment, but direct, intentional manipulation of the British Pound due to the massive size of his short positions.

The Rockefellers (most notably their Venture Capital firm, Venrock) have a similarly dubious reputation.

What does this mean for the future of cryptocurrency?

While I do believe that any large centralization of coins is inherently bad for the market short-term, participation by top net-worth individuals was inevitable. I just didn’t think it would happen this early.

Long-term, this is most likely a good thing for crypto as it takes it more and more mainstream. After all, if the most successful speculators in history are getting in on the action, there must be something there to take seriously.

Bullish Long-Term, With One Caveat

The only thing I’m really worried about with this recent development is that cryptocurrency threatens to undermine the power that Soros, the Rockefellers, and similar financial giants have commanded for years.

I wouldn’t put it past them to try and destroy Bitcoin (which has 40%+ market dominance) while investing in more bank-controlled assets like Ripple – which many investors argue isn’t even a true cryptocurrency due to its more centralized nature.

I also wouldn’t be shocked if they tried to orchestrate a market crash, just so they could buy in at a cheaper price.

But the most likely situation is that they’ve recognized that this is without a doubt the best time to invest. I’ve been telling our Crypto Profit Alert members for weeks that we probably won’t see a better time to buy-in the rest of the year.

Either way, we will monitor the situation and keep you abreast of any new information that could potentially affect your portfolio. Be prepared for tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists and talking-heads, who will try to scare you away from investing.

Try to ignore the noise, because as usual, the market will ultimately show us which way it intends to go.


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